octubre 01, 2012

Lista de bandejas, bases y cajas hexagonales necesarias para tartas individuales o apilables

Hexagonal - thin, hardboard & drum boards
Just to confuse us all - while the tins are manufactured and measured point to point, the boards are made and measured side to side. You also have to remember that because the tins are measured point to point, they come up slightly smaller than the round tins listed of the same size. To make life a little easier, I have listed the tins, boards & boxes required for single & tiered cakes. This is just a guide and allows approx 1.5 Inch of board around each cake, which is perfect for most designs using fruit cakes. If you are making sponge cakes and want less board showing, drop down an inch on the boards.

6 Inch hexagonal tin - 8 Inch hexagonal board - 10 Inch box
7 Inch hexagonal tin - 9 Inch hexagonal board -11 Inch box
8 Inch hexagonal tin -10 Inch hexagonal board - 12 Inch box
9 Inch hexagonal tin -11 Inch hexagonal board - 13 Inch box
10 Inch hexagonal tin - 12 Inch hexagonal board - 14 Inch box
11 Inch hexagonal tin - 13 Inch hexagonal board - 15 Inch box
12 Inch hexagonal tin - 14 Inch hexagonal board - 16 Inch box

Two tiers I would recommend using 7 inch and 11 inch tins or for a larger cake 8 Inch and 12 inch tins.

Three tiers I would recommend using 7 inch, 9 inch and 11inch tins or for larger cake 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch tins.

Four tiers I would recommend using 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch tins.

Stacked cakes When stacking cakes together on top of each other you need a large drum for the bottom tier and hardboards the same size as the cakes for any tiers above.

7 Inch hexagonal tin use 6 Inch hex hardboard
8 Inch hexagonal tin use 7 Inch hex hardboard
9 Inch hexagonal tin use 8 Inch hex hardboard
10 Inch hexagonal tin use 9 Inch hex hardboard
11 Inch hexagonal tin use 10 Inch hex hardboard